Uday Gauges
Pramod Engineering bulids quality, accuracy and reliability into
all of our products.

We design, manufacture and distribute PRESSURE GAUGES,
we have served the instrumentation needs of thousands
of customers... from individual engineers.... to the largest
companies in the world.

Peak Pointer Assembly
Designed to indicate maximum pressure, this pointer is carried by indicating pointer to the maximum pressure point, where in remains when pressure drops.
Digital Pressure Indicator Controller
Can be used for all fluids, air, steam, water, oil and gases, process between temperature span of 10 C to 70 C for indication & control.
Calibration Equipments
For Calibration of pressure gauges, manometers, load Gauges, pressure switches, fittings, cylinders/small vessel. Made of stainless steel.
Digital Pressure Gauge
Sturdy, non deflective, integrated circuit provides excellent accuracy. 100mm, 150mm Weather proof in stainless steel.
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