Uday Gauges
Application Can be used for all fluids, air, steam, water, oil and gases, process between temperature span of 10 C to 70 C for indication & control
Display indication Process variable: 4 Digit 0.5 Seven Segment
Accuracy + / - 0.2 %, + / -1 Digit
Mounting Panel mounting
Case Size Cut-out size: 92mm X 92mm
Outer dimension: 96mm X 96mm X160mm(depth)
Input power supply 230V AC / 115V AC Field selectable from back panel
Output power supply Transmitter: + 24V DC - 100 mA
Relay: 2 nos. 1 C/O type 230V AC - 2 A
Special Features Microcontroller (87c51) based unit
On-Board V to F converter (0 to 10 KHz) is provided
Digitizing Analog Input
Zero & Full Scale programmable through front Key pad
Selectable Decimal
Four Keys membrane Key Board on front panel
Configuration Data & Integrated Total are stored in serial NVRAM
Calibration through software
(Offset: CALZ & Span: CALS stored in NVRAM)
RS232 / 485 serial output
Re-transmission: 4 to 20 mA
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