Cuff made up of load tested cotton cloth stiched with load tested thread. fastening is by velcro.

  • Self Fastening Cuff (480mm X 140mm)
  • Extra Wide Velcro Cuff (480mm X 140mm)
  • Normal Velcro Cuff (480mm X 140mm)
  • Child Cuff (400mm X 115mm)
  • Infant Cuff (270mm X 75mm)
  • New-Born Baby Cuff (190mm X 40mm)
  • New Born Baby With Normal Tubing (80mm X 25mm)
  • Infant With Normal Tubing (120mm x 60mm)
  • Child With Normal Tubing (180mm X 100mm)
  • Adult With Normal Tubing (225mm X 125mm)
  • Adult With Coiled Tubing (225mm X 125mm)
Nylon Velcro cuff
Long Lasting Printed with instructions Easy To Clean Available In Varity of Colours & Designs For Pediatrics.
  • Self Fastening Cuff (480mm X 140mm)
  • Infant Cuff (270mm X 75mm)
  • New-Born Baby Cuff (190mm X 40mm)

Extra Large Adult Cuff, Thigh Cuff Or Any Custom Specified Cuff Can Be Produce On request.

Inflating Bulb
Inflating Bulb are tested for ageing at 70 c for 7days to ensure long trouble free service.

Control Valve
Control Valve ensures controlled release during measurements & is leakage tested.

Male-Female Plastic Connectors
For Extension of Rubber Tubing.
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