A Large 6 Dial With Fluorescent Markings, Numerals And Needle Which Glows In Low Light, Even In Darkness, Making it Ideal For Hospital, Clinic Or Ambulance Use.


Table Top Stand
  • A Stand is Designed to Rest On A Desk Top. Fitted With Storage basket For Cuff and Tubing.
  • PMD is Pivoted At The Centre Between The Two Arms Of u Bracket Allows it To Swivel Vertically.
  • Asthetically powder coated Steel

Wall Mounting
  • A Bracket is designed to mount on the wall by means of screws and can hold PMD and storage basket.
  • Asthetically powder coated Steel.

Wall Mounting (collapsible)
  • A light weight aluminum bracket is designed to mount on the wall, it can stretch up to 2 Foot, swivel horizontally and can Flush on the wall giving a compact look .
  • Asthetically powder coated

Caster Trolley Mounting
  • Caster Trolley Made Of Powder Coated Steel Pipe Base With 3 Legs And Caster.
  • Adjustable Post Of Highly Finished Chromium Plated Steel Which Holds Storage Basket and PMD.
  • PMD Is Pivoted At The Center Between The Two Arms Of u Bracket Allows It To Swivel Vertically.
  • Total Height 1.5metre Adjustable To 1metre.
  • Caster trolley is also available in Stainless steel.
Anesthetic Trolley Mounting
  • A Light weight Aluminum clamp Is designed to clamp on the frame pillar of 1" or 1.25" width by means of knob
  • Provides easy and fast clamping
  • Can swivel Horizontally
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