Specially Designed For Gynaecs, General Practitioneers, surgeons and ENT specialists.
"MEDI LAMP" is a wall mounting halogen lamp designed to stretch up to 24 and collapse up to 12 and can Flush on the wall giving a Compact Look

It is Pivoted To Swivel Horizontally And Vertically.

  • Holder is designed to swivel universally and shaped to hold conveniently, Heat Insulated And Mini on-off switch (tested for 50,000 cycles) is provided on the top of the holder.
  • 2m Long Coiled 3 core wire with moulded plug. 
  • Best quality transformer is short circuit protected and cycle tested.
  • Provided With The fuse for the safety.
  • Most reliable halogen bulb with reflector.
  • 38 Focusing Angle  *12V / 50w  *UV Protected cool beam
  • Power Supply : 230 V AC     Out Put : 50w / 5Amp

Halogen bulb gives high intensity clear spot in less power.
Incandescent bulb gives unfocused spot.
Torch light gives dark spot in the center.
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