• Accurate And Reliable ideal for
    - Ventilators
    - End tracheal And tracheal cuff ballooning
    - Baby incubators
    - Cepeep
  • Circular Type
  • Available Sizes: 2, 4
  • Mounting: Direct Bottom, Bottom With
    Panel Mounting
  • Strip Type Edgewise Gauge
  • 4X 1.25
  • Mounting: Back with panel mounting
  • Connection: Nozzle For Tube Of 4mm ID
  • Optional: Threaded connection
  • Range: From 0 to 50cmH2o up to 400cmH2o
  • 0 to -100cmH2o Vacuum And Compound.


Low Pressure On/Off Switch
Low Pressure On/Off Switch Contains A pre calibrated And Set Mechanical Phosphorus Bronze Contacts At The Required Pressure. It Makes or breaks an electric contact circuit At The Set Pressure.

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