Uday Gauges
Application Suitable for car CNG & LPG kits
Dial size 2"
Scale range 0 - 16kg/sq.cm, 0-400kg/sq.cm
Accuracy / Class as per Indian Standards +/- 1.5% of FSD
Mounting Direct bottom
Connection 1/4" BSP / NPT
Case Drawn steel, Powder coated
Pressure element Bourdon tube
Wetted parts Brass
Movement Brass
Dial PP Plastic, white base, black markings, colour code
Pointer Non-adjustable
Window Molded acrylic
Features Soldered with silver based solder to ensure better quality corrosion resistive joints, provided with inbuilt single earth contact for single LED or triple contact for three stage LED indicator, these Phosphorus Bronze Contacts are adjustable can be calibrate and set to required pressure points, setting can be done by means of screwing & unscrewing the setting screw provided at the top of the gauge, setting screw three stage LED indicator contains 3 set of 2 LED's lights all at maximum set pressure and gets off by one at set pressure points at decreasing pressure. Indicator is provided with bracket by means of which it can be mount on the dash board of car 15 meter three core flexible wire is also provided with the kit.
Optional 1) with Single contact
2) Triple contact for three stage LED indicator
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